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Which are the strongest or best to break down protein?

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So I cleared 70-80% of my acne after 1 week of supplementing HCl with meals. But, I still have 20% of my acne left and it only occurs when I eat protein. So, I know it has to do with digestion too!

Which of these enzymes are the strongest for digesting protein?

Pepsin enzymes

Protease enzymes

Papain enzymes (from papaya)

Bromelain enzymes (from pineapple)

Interestingly, all four digestive aids are protease enzymes.

But which is the strongest??

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I didn't know pineapples had an enzyme that can break down protein. Neat-o.

Maybe I'll get some pineapple for my green smoothies then...and peaches. I've been craving some peaches.

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On Amazon.com, everyone is giving Papain raving reviews saying "It stops heartburn in its tracks..." Then they state that the antacids prescribed by their physicians don't seem to work for "some reason" for their "heartburn." :naughty:.

I am inclined to believe that those people have been misdiagnosed and actually have weak stomach acid. That is the only reason antacids would not work and the strongest digestive supplement known would completely fix their "stomach pains" after dinner.

I plan on purchasing this stuff. I bet it will help my acne.

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i get millia and i heard these are caused by protein, is this true? what can i do?

its like hard sebum that i can squeeze out if i push hard enough :(

I think everyone on this forum gets this, including myself. :dance:

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I just went and purchased 50mg of Papaya Extract chewables. Interestingly, they are rendered inactive in a low-pH setting (like HCl) so I must figure out how to take them. :think:

Conversion Rate:

Just for those of you trying to find a supplement with a high Papaine dosage:

50mg Papaine also means 300,000USPU

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Interestingly, I just called a naturopathic doctor to set an appointment to understand my enzyme deficiencies. She said that doctors should have requested I take an digestive enzyme deficiency test the moment I told them I could not digest protein. I cannot remember if she specified if it was a urine or blood test. So, if some of you suspect you have an enzyme deficiency (if you are helped by HCl), you could consider taking the test.

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