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I've been on this gluten free, vegan diet for about 2.5 weeks (I should also mention that it's 50% raw).

I usually have a green smoothie for breakfast (9 am), but by lunchtime (12) I'm starving. I still eat a normal sized lunch though, but then by 5 I'm starving again. Then at around 8 or maybe 9 pm I'm starving AGAIN.

I guess at 50% raw, the problem could be calories, but I can't eat any nuts because they break me out!

I HAVE noticed my skin improving, but I'm kinda worried about this "2 dinners" thing...and if it's bad as far as insulin or whatever....My biggest worry is the TEMPTATION to fall of the wagon because I'm so starving

The other thing I noticed is that BEFORE the diet, I used to have a late night snack (crackers or something) but now I don't feel hungry for one anymore....which I guess is good? I have no idea

Anyways, I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks :)

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I can only speak for me, but I've always eaten alot throughout the day, and I usually do eat something like "2 dinners". For example tonight around 5 PM I made pizza and then a few hours later I made a sandwich. Basically I'm constantly eating and my skin has gone from clearing up to being bad again all with the same eating patterns. So I say go for it...if you're hungry, eat.

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My bf thought he was always starving when he went on a vegan diet. It takes about a month to get used to the "light" feeling.

Have you Googled "vegan celiac" or "vegan gluten-free" ?? There are about 4 blogs out there by Celiacs who have decided to become vegan. They had some very good recipes.

If worse comes to worse, you should purchase a HUGE bottle of Spirulina at the health food store. It is 100% sea algae (high in protein) but it is VERY high in L-Tyrosine which is an appetite suppressant. It is very high in many other nutrients (hailed a "superfood") and I use it everytime I fast for 5 days. I take 15 tablets for every meal and I never feel uncomfortably hungry.

500 tablets are sold on Froogle for $15. Let me know if you want me to find the online store. :)

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why vegan? Some nice protein like eggs and chicken and fish will help you stay full and are a good source of calories. If you aren't eating nuts or a lot of fruits, it's impossible to get enough calories on a healthy vegan diet, especially one that is mainly raw.

The less extreme you are, the more likely you can stay on a healthful diet. I think it's ridiculous to eat a vegan diet unless you have moral or ethical concerns, which I believe are perfectly valid and I respect. But if you don't have these concerns, you can reap the same health benefits of a vegan diet if you just eat a lot of natural whole foods, the ratios of which can be quite flexible and more accommodating to your lifestyle.

THE BEST DIET IS THE ONE SO EASY YOU FORGET ABOUT! The best diet is one that allows you put diet and eating as your lowest priority in life.

1) you feel good after eating, no guilt

2) you aren't hungry, no desire to constantly search and think about food

3) you aren't fixated on what type of foods to eat

4) you have energy

If you don't meet these characteristics, your diet is off. After all, you eat a sound diet to LIVE, to not think about food constantly. Food can be an interesting hobby and fun thing to play around with, but it'll mess with your mental health. In the end, life shouldn't revolve around food.

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