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I've read up on zinc potentially helping out with acne so I figure I'll give it a shot.

I'm using:

50mg Zinc gluconate once daily

My multivitamin has 15mg Zinc as well

----- Grand total of 65mg of supplemented Zinc per day ------

Also taking some fish oil

This is my 2nd day taking the zinc. Haven't noticed a huge improvement "overnight" as I'm only expecting gradual improvement. Right now my current acne looks like it's receding. It goes into recession and then breakout cycles. Not enough results or time yet to conclude if this isn't another cycle. I usually cycle weekly between acne recession and then another breakout.

If I get 2-3 weeks of clear acne free or almost acne free skin then I might be able to conclude that the zinc helps.

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So this makes it the 4th day of taking additional zinc. I've noticed a continuation of the recession and clearing. Last night and during the day today there was a semi deeper zit next to my nose but it's seems to have started receding, not as sensitive now, it was more like a small painful bump, almost cystic? but small.

I've read up a bit more about zinc and there's claims it helps control sebum production. I think this might be true, I would say my face is little less oily, noticeably for me, and I am a real shiner at times so if it is a result of the zinc, this is good.

As in the previous post, I'm not sold on these initial results as my acne is cyclical, usually each week. What I can conclude for myself is that I've had no significant negative reaction thus far from taking zinc. No immediate allergic flare up or anything.

Trying zinc has made me interested in other vitamins that are considered good for your skin. A, the B's, C, and E. I will research the recommended dosage for healthy skin and slowly start to add some additions to the zinc. I'm already taking a pretty good multi so not even sure if additional vitamin dosage beyond that is even warranted.

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Ok so it's 2 days later again and the results keep improving. Indeed less oil on my skin. The breakout that I had keeps receding, mostly dealing with the scars from it as I picked it (I know, I know).

There is some new acne however it's very small and just a few instances. I think you have to do a second look or look hard to notice it. Nothing pronounced yet. And I think it's starting to recede as well.

I've noticed acne going away on my body especially back, chest, and shoulders. My skin feels and seems less oily there.

I hope the results continue, I hope this is just not one of my cycles where I improve for a few days then a new wave of breakouts occur.

Time will tell...

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Best of luck!

Don't overdo it. Take no more zinc than you currently are.

Chances are you will see at least some moderate positive results. Zinc is magic after all :)

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