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Help me please! Crappy side effect!

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Hi all,

I've been on this oral antibiotic called Clyndamycin (150mg) for a few months which I take 3 times a day. I've noticed great improvements and even though I'm not clear I can live with my current acne condition. There's just one problem that has been bothering me a lot lately: incredible redness and slight peeling. I only use the antibiotic, no retonoids,creams,cleansers, soaps or any of that stuff. The only thing I do to my face is washing it with luke-warm water 2 times a day. The redness and peeling isn't covering all of my face, just the area from my nose to my chin. My forehead still has it's original normal tone. As you can imagine my current condition looks pretty weird (having a face with two totally different skin tones) and this has made me feel self-concious again, even though I got rid of most of the acne. :unsure:

So my qeustion is: Does anyone know how this redness is caused? Whatever it is can I do something myself or do I need to see my doctor and change meds?

Oh and I'm pretty sure the antibiotic is the thing causing this redness because I've tried stopping the treatment not to long ago and the redness went down and was almost gone when I picked up the treatment again. I had to pick the treatment up again because... ...you guessed it... ...I broke out again... ...very bad. <_<


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Dryness is a very common side effect with almost all acne drugs. It may improve over time, and if you're not using a moisturizer it's probably a good idea to start (try CeraVe, it's fairly inexpensive and is designed not to block your pores).

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