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I can't figure out why I'm breaking out so bad

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I have had acne since I was about 11. I am now 34 and I have one of my worst breakouts ever. Through the last 23 years some times my fcae would be almost clear and others it would be horrible. I can't find out what is triguring it and why it is so inconsistant,you think I would have found a pattern by now. I live in the midwest and it gets really humid in the summer and that's when it used to flare up. It is winter now and it's the worse I've had it in a while. I just got married 3 months ago and had a HUGE cystic pimple on my chin, yes you can even see it in my pictures. So, much for retouching. That was the one thing I worried about most and my acne will forever be immortalized in my wedding photos. So, I have not tried this product yet, because truthfully I have tried everything and it has not worked and I have no money right now. I really need to know what works and if anyone else has had acne this long and it has been this erratic.

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I feel your pain, prudygirl.

as a 30-something myself, my breakouts are mostly erratic.

altho, I believe mine are mostly hormonal.

antibiotics and whatnot only work for a while and end up being more harm than good in the long run.

my 40-something aunt just went on Accutane and it cleared her up.

but, most of the time my skin is clear now due to the fact that I stopped putting so much "stuff" on it, no more BP or other stuff and I only use foundation just to mask the reddish areas if I have one.

if you havent already, do some research here on some different things that are working for others, since acne is so random as to its trigger =/

oh and for your wedding photos, (if they are in digital form)...if you know someone with photoshop and some skills, that acne can be erased, no problem. Ive done it a lot, so no worries. =)

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