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I'm just curious as to why most of us break out before BP begins to work.

I've only been on dan's regimen for a week and I'm not expecting it to work right away, but I have broken out SO MUCH from it. I don't have terrible acne to begin with, but since using BP I currently have about 8 pimples (red and tiny, but still noticeable) on my cheeks. I've also got a whitehead on my chin (very odd for me) and on my forehead (again, kinda unlikely of my skin). Also, they tend to come two at a time and right next to each other. Whaaat?

I thought BP was supposed to rid of any opportunity for acne to develop because it "oxygenates" the skin.

I'm not criticizing the product, but I like to question these things... hmm :think:

Again, I don't have any high expectations right now. I understand it takes a few months for you to see solid results. I'm just a little confused as to how BP works. Please enlighten me!

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Well I am no expert, not by a loonnnggg shot, but from my own observations, it seems as though that "oxygenation process" is the force that brings the already clogged pores to a head much quicker than the natural process. So my guess is that the majority of pimples you get from beginning the regimen were clogged pores before, and are now being forced to the surface by the BP. I remember Dan said that pimples can take up to 2 weeks to form after a pore is clogged so it seems likely that the BP is saying "GET OUT" and they all seem to listen within the first few days! :doh:

I could be totaly wrong but it seemed to be the case for me when I began the first week of the regimen!

Any other takes?

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The healing starts from the inside and proceeds outwards. Not the other way around. So what you experience is completely normal. For some people, "the purging" is more violent than for others.

Also, bear in mind that if you're just starting the regimen, the breakouts may also be caused by your skin not being adjusted to BP, and trying to protect itself by secreting more sebum, which may lead to more pores clogging because of the already hefty pile of dead bacteria and skin cells that were pushed upwards from the deeper layers.

Just stick to the procedure, and it will pass. It may take some time (several weeks, even a month or two, even), so be patient with it. Usually at the third month mark most people have noticed significant improvement.

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This is an update --

I realized this a week or two after I wrote this post, and now I am currently about three months into the regimen, but the reason why I broke out so much is because I was stuuuuupid and was still exfoliating. I was obviously irritating my skin. I didn't realize it then for some reason (because I was so used to exfoliating every morning and being somewhat clear), but that was definitely the problem. I stopped when I figured that was the culprit and since then I've gotten progressively more clear :)

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Yh I always have problems when exfoliate on the regimen, I think you're right, it is way too irritating along with the BP. I think the problem is that when you start getting the dry and flaky skin, the first thing that comes to mind is to exfoliate! Kind of a double edged sword really! I realised that I just need to use extra moisturiser or jojoba and it sorts itself out anyway.

Glad you posted this because its kind of confirmed it for me! :) Hows the regimen going for you?

On a side note, noticed in your signature that you use the AHA+ every 2/3 days. Do you use it all over or just as a spot treat? I'm thinking about starting to use it and not sure on the best way of applying. Thanks!

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I'm really glad I saw this post.

I've been on the regimen for 2 weeks but the first week I only used BP once a day. Now currently breaking out like crazy and it has really got me down :(

Please tell me it gets better?

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