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Chris M

BP sting with a side of clown lips & raccoon eyes!

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I am starting my 3rd week today!! woohoo! skin is clear, I am happy but I was wondering two things... :dance:

1) Redness and stinging are significantly better than the first two weeks, THANK GOD... (Adding Jojoba Oil to the regimen has been a godsend btw!) lol but the initial application of the BP and Moisturizer still stings somethin' fierce! And the sting is tolerable but kind of annoying. sometimes it still lingers throughout the day! Is this normal at week 3?

2) Although the lobster red is gone, I am left with a tan looking face. Which is nice, BUT... since I avoid the skin around my lips and eyes with BP, I look like a cross between a clown and a raccoon! Will my skin tone eventually pale and even out over time? :ninja:

Thanks guys! : )

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I'm glad the regimen is clearing you up. I really had this problem myself, and for about a month it seemed pretty bad. But your skin gets used to the BP after a while and you wont go so red. In the meantime make sure you use a lot of lotion on your face, it calmed my redness. Try to leave as much time as you can between lotion and going out so your face has time to soothe.

As for the tanned look, i still have not found a solution to this problem.

Good luck!

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