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Anyone buy Ezekiel Bread in Australia? (The #2 bread is burgen - only 20carbs per 100grams!)

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Hey guys!

Does anyone in Australia buy ezekiel bread? I'm really desperate to introduce normal food into my diet again. Does anyone know of any online websites that ship internationally?

Coming in close 2nd is Burgen bread. It's available literally everywhere in Aussie and it's quite affordable at $5.

Burgen Soy&Linseed bread GI is only 36! (Although a website said 27) only 25g per 100grams of carbs! Burgen Wholemeal&seeds ONLY HAS 20g carbs per 100grams!


So yeah .... If anyone knows anywhere that sells ezekiel bread I'd appreciate it.

Interestingly enough rye has a relatively high GI, sourdough is better at 52.

Also white bread and wholemeal bread have the same GI.

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I find that its not the Gi of bread but the additives such as vegetable oils, dairy, soy, thickeners, yeast e.t.c. Less is more for ingredients. I use one with Spelt flour, purified water and olive oil.

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Um woollies and coles dont stock it but harris farm and health shops do. I think its called natrulis or something like that. I dont have any now but ill tell you the exact brand when i get some more. :angel:

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Sweet thanks. Since I'm going to the health store tomorrow I'll have a look around. Everything there is so expensive but I'm sure they will have some good organic bread with fewer ingredients and low carbs.

Why are you talking in a thread? Should just pm you shouldn't I? =p

& get back to our conversation about cysteine.

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I just finished the burgen bread I bought ages ago. I might abstain as well. I've told myself so many times but it's so convenient and yum! Anyway, thanks. I'm unsubscribing from this thread* Feel free to delete it mods.

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