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yet another Spiro question...

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1. I don't know I haven't had any potassium issues

2. I exercise regularly and hard. I run, I take cycling classes, I lift, do bootcamp classes, turbokick class, lifting class, I don;t have a car and walk excessively. Are you getting the picture!! haha I have had no issues, I haven't had to change my diet, except I know what i eat doesn't affect my face so I can eat a lot more!! I do eat veggies and fruit and I naturally have a pretty healthy diet no problems here.

3. Saw Palmetto I don't know much about it but I read the same thing you stated above.

4. I take spiro once at 9pm every night. Taking it at the same time everyday is important, something about its half life and how long it stays in your system you want to keep your levels of the drug constant. And I like taking it night better I think he helps me to avoid any side effects, ie. I don;t urinate as much during the day, doesn't upset my stomach (i have a hard time taking vitamins during the day cause I am constantly hungry) and I am not sleepy during the day from the spiro..

Hope that helps!! this drug is a life changer give it a shot and be patient!

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I've only got answers to two of your questions:

2. I still exercise as well (2 hours of cardio/day) and I've noticed no difference. It sems fine to me, just make sure you get plenty of water because you will be thirsty during/after exercising.

4. I take 1 pill twice a day, morning and night. Yes, it does matter. As Shells said, your body needs to maintain a steady level. The only way it can do that is if you find a schedule and stick to it.

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