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Are they ugly on girls and should I get them removed. Their tiny but its annoying. I am a perfectionist. :whistle:

I really think they look beautiful on most people but im fussy when their on me haha. :think:

Please give me ur advice:)

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honestly, beauty marks do just that... add to the beauty.

My friend has one and it makes her look even better.

I have never heard of anyone who dislikes them...

Guys are way more attracted to girls with a cool personality, rather

than having a air brushed face, if they get too self

concious their fun, outgoing side doesnt get to come out...

personally I wouldnt give it a second thought if my girlfriend had marks or freckles...

she'd have to deal with me being on unemployment, or my football obsession.

They are actually distinguishingly cute... ex: cindy crawford, rachel mcadams,

eva mendez, lucy lu, the girl on 24... so are u

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my bible is Vogue haha

Photoshop Photoshop Photoshop.

I've yet to meet a person without a beauty mark on their body. That's why "imperfection" is the real perfection.

There is nothing wrong with having beauty marks. They're unique and lovely. :)

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No! beauty marks are beautiful ( for lack of a better word lol)

I have an actual monroe-ish...on the right side of my mouth above my top lip and I love it :D

people always ask if I draw it on though

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Hun, learn to love them!

I've got a butt load of them (see pictures) and hated them when I was younger. But, I really like them now. I think they make me look different and unique. Without them, I think I'd look very plain and boring. If you're born with them, they're something you're meant to have! They're you! Taking them away would just make you less of a person imo!

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