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I way 132 pounds doctor is starting me on 40 Mg first month then 80 Mg for 5 months after that... IS THIS OKAY?

So yeah, my derm didn't weigh me or anything. He wrote me the perscription, said he's start me off low to try and avoid an initial breakout... low to him is 40 mg evidently, then he would double me to 80 mg for 5 months after that.

I weigh 132 pounds... my acne is persistent as hell and when I get its very bad. It doesnt necessarily have horrendous coverage, but its there and I hate it and it definitely effects my life.

I just want to make sure this dosage is safe...

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It seems safe to me... I don't know how to figure out if that's correct for your weight but i'm about 112 pounds and I'm on 50 mg. So the weight difference and dosage difference seems about right. You should feel lucky you're going on 80... I wish I could have a higher dosage because I have pretty bad cysts but I can't because my weight.

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This is what I don't get...! My derm continues to tell me I can't go over 50 mg. Why are so many people much smaller than me allowed to go on 80! It's not fair :(

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