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If you could change one thing about your skin

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I would change minor red marks. :ninja:

Also I would change my few beauty marks :( i think their really small but ugly i have like 3 on my face.


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I dont think I would change anything about my skin, except my outlook of it.....

I think about it too much.

Maybe if I could I would like to get rid of a few small redmarks or be more tan. My family came from norway and Im part Irish so it makes me more white looking in the winter.

I like black hair... yours is pretty kiki.

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Moved to the Emotional & Psychological Effects Of Acne board.

Please read the board descriptions before posting to ensure that you're posting on the appropriate board. Thanks! : )

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I would change nothing. =) Sure we all want to be some idealized form of beauty (what our culture considers beautiful).... but your uniqueness makes you YOU. Nobody else is like you and why would you want to be anyone else?

It took me years to realize that, but it is true and I hope everyone sees this one day about themselves. =)

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I would make it so my skin would not scar.

If I didn't get horrible scars, people would probably not even think i have that bad acne.

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I want the same as dance21. My acne is not that bad anymore (or at least this month it isn't-lol), it is the scars! They are awful! Oh, and I wish I did not have oily skin - yuck!

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

Well, if I could change TWO things about my skin... it would be:

1: Make these freddy krueger scars dissapear.

2: Give it the ability to grow a full beard. I've been trying for months and I have a full goatee but the hair on my cheeks are all sparse and scragly and shit and I look like a bum lol. Damn this blonde hair.

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