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Don't most ppl breakout more in the T-Zone? My 16 yr old girl is clear, no bumps at all in the T-zone, but broke out mild to moderate on the cheeks, more on the left cheek. It started out mild acne and now progressed (over 5 months)more on the moderate side, been on Dan's Reg for over 9 weeks.

I have Benzaclin and Retin A micro that the derm gave me. I just don't have much faith in it being any more effective than the regimen. Do you think the 5% BP with the 1% antibiotic in the Benzaclin would be more effective than the 2.5 BP gel??

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Yeah, some people break out in different places. I'm 15 and I have an oily but clear T-Zone and zits on the sides of my forehead. Ugh. As for the prescription stuff, I'm really not sure. Maybe you can ask the derm?

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This is what happens to me. When I was a teenager I would break out on my chin which was oily (from about 12 yrs old) and after about 16 yrs old the acne migrated to my cheeks, jaw and neck. I never break out in my oily T-zone now, it's completely clear.

Generally, from what I understand teenagers tend to break out in their t zone and adults other areas however my situation did change while I was still in my teens like her.

My theory is it might have something to do with imbalance in the skin. I'm probably wrong but it's something I wonder about. People seem to break out due to over oily skin or over dry skin - either way, it seems the skin is irritated. Because my cheeks and neck are always dry and I have to moisturise a lot there to make the skin balance out there. I seem to be breaking out less on my cheeks since I have been moisturising dilgently day and night with an oil free non comodogenic moisturiser.

She may be like me and have combination skin. Make sure she is applying lots of BP to her cheeks, massaging it in gently and moisturising day and night. I have found that sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees and tying my hair back has decreased my cheek acne a lot also, she may want to try that. Also ensure she if she is wearing makeup to avoid blush, I was wearing one and didn't realise it was breaking me out.

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