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First break out in years

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Guys, I have had the first cystic acne break out in YEARS. I'm quite worried about it. I know I mentioned this before but anyway, since I started using L'oreal Cashmere Perfect foundation my cystic acne was GONE. I haven't had a single cyst in YEARS! Instead I would get very superficial acne that was easy to pop and wouldn't leave many scars.

So I'm using BP for a month now, stopped using this make up since L'oreal doesn't manufacture it anymore. I did change one thing on the regimen recently, I have been using Cetaphil moisturizer for 2 weeks. And now I have this god awful break out. I have a HUGE cyst on me neck and another 3 that aren't half its size. *sigh* I gone back to the Neutrogena moisturizer which strings and gives me a weird tingling sensation.

I'm concerned about getting cysts because mine used to pop while I sleep so I'd get purple marks on my face. Plus scars of course. :cry:

Anyhow, any comment is welcome. I'm getting QUITE desperate about my skin again.

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Sorry about the cysts, had a few in the past and they were horrible. Anyways, you said you were using L'oreal cashmere perfect foundation. You can get that on Amazon's website.

I personally use Neutrogena's on-the-spot acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide on the pimple. It works really well, you should try it out.

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Actually I have been using Cetaphil again because I just started to apply BP twice a day. My skin is super duper dry. Anyhow, my brother gets a handful of zits a year. And a couple of cysts a year. He have had TWO cysts in TWO weeks. Exactly during the time I got 5 huge cysts on my face and some in my back.

It was actually my brother that came to me with a theory it was the Christmas cakes we were eating after the holidays. Guess what? We stopped eating these and neither one of us got any new zits. He doesn't need BP in fact, his skin is QUITE dry and he has a skin allergy. All cysts in my face are gone except for the HUUUUUGE one that doesn't wanna go away. It is not painful but it is getting dark. :wall:

About this make up, I must have 1/3 of a bottle left. Problem is, this make up made my skin flaky all by itself. I forgot to mention I was applying a salicylic acid moisturizer to get take of the flakes and it was working well with the make up to prevent cysts. You guys can see on my regimen page how I was getting very superficial zits which were a huge improvement compared to the cysts. Maybe I should try salicylic acid again once my skin adjusts to the BP.

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It was a good theory my brother had. I have got yet another HUGE cyst in my neck. I can't remember having one as big as this one. I have been applying ice to it and tetracycline ointment as suggested here. I feel miserable because cysts hurt so much. :cry:

I wish I could figure out why I'm breaking out so much. *sigh*

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