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Canadian Shipping fees

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I am about to switch from using Exposed Acne Care Treatment for about 3 months now to Dan's products. Exposed isn't really working for me , it made it way worse. I was going to buy the 16oz kit plus jojoba oil my total is $75.68 + $30.70(shipping international flat rate) = $106.38 i was wonderin if everyone is paying this much for shipping or am i doing something wrong? exposed was only $19.99 for express shipping and $12.99 for regular. Why is this so much?i am in ontario btw. Exposed came from seattle washington btw.

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so far to my area these are the options i have

UPS worldside saver(2-4 business days) $41.04

International Flat Rate Box (1-2 weeks) $30.70

Express Mail ( 4-6 weeks ) $49.75

Priority Mail International ( 1-3 weeks ) $31.25

with which will i not get hit with any additional charges as i have been reading alot on these forums i am in canada ontario btw. and i ordered the 16oz kit plus jojoba oil

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Those shipping prices are similar to what I have had.

I haven't received any extra customs charges but I may have just gotten lucky.

Good luck.

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Use well.ca They have jojoba oil, and light cleansers along with thousands of BP products, like lotions, washes, and jells and just straight, etc.

They offer free shipping to anywhere in Canada. I live in Saskatchewan and got my stuff 4 days after ordering.

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Just wanted to post this so people have something to compare to when ordering Dan's products: I ordered the Big Kit and the 6 oz AHA off www.amazon.com & the total was $100. I just picked up the package today and had to pay $15 in customs.

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Just got my order today, I ordered last Sunday (14th), was shipped the following Monday. I ordered the big kit (16oz), and a AHA, chose the flat rate shipping method, total came to 108 something. So I got it in about a week, and didn't have to pay any customs!! Also this was shipped to Kitchener, ON.

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For others to compare: I ordered directly off of acne.org. My order included the 8oz Starter Kit + a bottle of jojoba oil and AHA+ ($64.88). I chose the UPS (2-4 day) shipping ($41.78) ... my total came to $106.66 but then my credit card was charged 111.84(tax/conversion?). I then had to pay an extra $8.60 in customs fees when it was delivered, for a grand total of $120.44. A bit expensive if you ask me, eh? ;) Oh and I'm currently in Kingston, ON.

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