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save money tip for proactiv

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hey guys.

I just called into proactiv today and asked to customize my order..

Instead of getting the cleanser the toner and

the tiny repairing lotion (the one that has the BP)

I asked if I could replace the cleanser with another repairing lotion...

so that's 2 repairing lotions and 1 toner instead of the usual 3 piece set.

If you do this....u'll have to replace the cleanser with something...cetaphil works fine...I got 16.oz for 6.99.....that means ...43 cents per oz...

compared to the proactiv cleanser which is $3.23 per oz....

big difference =)

so saves u lots of money....plus u get another repairing lotion.....which u need anywayz cuz we use so much of the friggin stuff =)

oh oh...AND...since ur replacing the cleanser with the repairing lotion....the repairing lotion costs 4 bucks more than the cleanser....so there's another 4 bucks in your pocket...

hah...hope this helps proactiv users....

It works for me....but I don't know how much u guys depend on the proactiv cleanser....for me.....the cetaphil cleanser works even better cuz it doesn't have the extra BP in the cleanser which makes ur face even more dry.

good luck.

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They ( Proactiv ) said it works best when you combine the three-and they were right..When I stopped using the repairing lotion it wasnt as effective. My cousin started only using the toner and Lotion and wasnt nice either..Im not sure if its a good idea, but if it works for you then hallelujah :o

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Yeah, I have the same problem as bobo. I had to use alot more cleanser so I tried something cheaper, I think it was Clean & Clear, and it didn't work at ALL. So, I went back on the cleanser and BAM everything back to normal, pretty weird stuff!

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A better idea is to not use proactiv at all. You end up ordering more than you really need, and paying a lot for it however much you customize it. Stick with whatever works for you, but I think the drugstore's as good a place as any to get good, cheap products.

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