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Hi! Im really stuck when it comes to skin...my acne is getting worse and worse everyday and it's starting to really kill my self confidece!! Anyway though, my main question for you guys if anyone else uses retin-a micro? I have some retin-a micro strengh 0.4% maybe the higher strengh works better?? I also have some differin cream strengh 0.1. does anyone know of these? do they work for you? maybe the higher strengh ones?

Thanks for your help!!


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BP is really the best treatment topical treatment for acne, if I get breakouts now, I use Panoxl 10% bar soap, but that might be a little strong for you, they also make a 5% bar, u can usually find in any drug store or actually I think I've seen it @ Target & Walmart. Along with that a topical called Benzaclin really helps u would need to see a Dermatologist for a prescription for that. It contains Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin( an antibiotic) it seems to shrink the blemishes rather quickly. Keep in mind though that since these products dry up the blemishes they also tend to really dry your skin out. Don't pick or pop, this leads to scarring, I know sometimes it's hard not to, but you will regret it later. wink.gif

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Have you tried Dan's Regimen before? It really worked for me, and I've had mild-moderate acne (even severe at some stages) for about 4 years. Just give it a try, if you haven't before. Best of luck.

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