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futbol for life

Charging through the Crusade

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Today is Day 21. Time seems to be just flying by. I have to get my bloodwork done again next week. It seems like I just started. Maybe they'll be able to find my veins this time. :) Last time, the lady checked both arms twice and couldn't find any veins. She finally found a tiny one.

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alright guys i just got my moisturizer/cleanser

Eucerin Original Moisturizing Lotion

Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion With SPF30

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser


Glucosamin & Chondroitin Joint Support

Omega Fish Oil

B -->Z

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alright guys day 1 just took my first pill...started off with claravis 40mg once a day. im actually happy and ready for it

i will update my log couple twice a month

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alright guys its exactly been a week on accutane... and not so bad i mean i can deal with it life did not change a bit... it made it better some reason im much happier and i kinda get more tired than i used to after sports but its ok i can last.

i kinda got itchy but i think itll go away once my body gets used to it. im guessing after 2 months itll be smooth sailing to the finish line

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Day 17 going on to Day 18

so yeah this is my IB




i just bought JoJoba Oil today which i like my skin is ok with it and it really helps smooth my skin out, and i have a shipment coming in from acne.org i ordered the moisturizer because i couldnt find a decent one so why not go for the acne.org one i have nothing to lose... jojoba oil can be used as a moisturizer also but have to watch out on how much you use because it gives a shine to your skin.

and any ideas on what i can do to those huge bumps to ease it down without effecting my skin or scaring my skin thanks all ideas are welcome :sick:

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hey guys its day 26...went to my dermatologist today for my second month prescription and he checked out couple cysts on my face he gave me shots on (face) both of them i kind of forgot what kind of shot it was but he said it had some type of steroid to fight the cyst and to kill it, so my second month i am going to do one day 40mg second day 80mg so its going to be like 1-2-1-2..etc.

i kinda got sick couple days now so by far everything is ok

and BUMP so everybody can check out my log

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one month is up!!! 5or6 more to go...feeling good about it face dry lips dry i ended my first IB on accutane which means its working...well see what happens and bump no body seems to check out my log?! :snooty:

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Woohoo for finishing your IB! I am on Day 12 and I have yet to hit the IB...so I am hoping that maybe I will skip it altogether***heres me with fingers crossed***

I also picked up a bottle of Jojoba oil. I have been putting one or two drops in my moisturizer at bedtime and this seems to be controlling the dryness. I have been hearing that men suffer from really dry hair and you can also use this in your shampoo.

I believe you were asking about moisturizers; I have been having great luck with Cerave and Cetaphil (I switch it up not and again so my skin doesnt adjust and become amune to any ONE type of lotion)!

Good luck to you, feel free to stop by my post if you have any questions!

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hey guys quick update before i sleep...the two cysts i had are gone now but i got scared very little and it can show but not worried bout it

my skin is dry which means its working and my blackheads has increased but some of them just come out automatically.

lips are realllly chapped getting annoying but hey im not gonna die lol so yeah

jojoba oil is working for me great i only use it in my shampoo and at night as a moisturizer and flakiness controller...

goodnight guys

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