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Dermarolling Needle Length

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Here's a quickie i thought was interesting by Horst Liebl, one founder of dermarolling on

needle length, Oct 08.

" Human dermis has an average thickness of 1.5 mm and new collagen forms only in the upper corium, about 0.5 mm below the epidermis. So why in this world to use 2.5 mm or even longer needles only to puncture the muscles underneath the skin? – it simply makes no sense. I only can assume all copiers must be men (mostly from Asia where all copies come from), and most of their funny thinking is: the longer, the better! But sensible needling has nothing to do with oversized needles, it is a matter of intelligence, and I am afraid, this is only given to a few in this world – at least in respect of microneedling. "

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Understand that said company's model with longest needles is 1.5mm, I think their stamp is 2.0mm. They must have huge stock of 1.5mm models, so which one would they recommend?

Dr. Fernandes' company (the other supposed inventor) offers 3.0mm models.

As to who's right, don't know and don't care. It's just wise not to use the longer needles on thin skin. I've used 3.0mm rollers on thicker skin without any issues.

Needling is not rocket science and the products offered by both these companies are way overpriced.

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