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is it "okay" that my face is bright red...

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so for any of you that are following my story, I decided to start the accutane last monday...

and the number one side effect im getting is this feeling like my skin is sunburnt and its very red. I havent been in the sun at all. I sat next to a window the last two days but it wasnt like my face was pressed up against the glass! i doubt im sunburnt - i think its what is called flushing??? WTH

What is going on? is this something that ill have to deal with all 6 months? I am so worried about this now... i started reading other blogs and people have said that I could have this flushing thing for ever? what? I never heard about this side effect before taking the meds.

I just worked out, tok a nice shower, got out and i have been using this new face lotion - ceraVe... is that it??? anyway, i went to go back in the bathroom to put my make up on and BAM I could not believe that my face was that red... not to mention all the deep scars on my face look raised... what is thaT?!

please help - im hoping someone has some words of encouragement about this :(

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yea ive been on the tane for the past 5 months and my face is definately a lot redder. but it seems that after i work out that that is when my face is beat red and it usually lasts for a few hours after i workout. my derm says its normal and just part of the course. still pisses me off too though

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like right now it looks like i just ran a marathon - maybe i just need to focus on drinking a lot more water and maybe taking omega 3 vitamins?? i jus read that can help... sigh. what did i get myself into...i know i need to stay positive... im just worried

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My face is pretty red now that I'm on Accutane. I'm on day 15 @ 80mg a day.

I played tennis today for about 3 hours in 40 degree windy weather. When I came home, I had several people ask me why my face was so red. I looked in the mirror and it was really really red. Almost a darkish red/purple. It stayed that way for a few hours and then calmed down a bit.

It sucks and it's embarrassing, but what can ya do?

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I was extremely upset about the redness when I began accutane. For me, it remained red until just a couple weeks ago when I began month 4....hang in there, just have your mind set on the future!

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It's a common side effect and it decrease with time. My face was as a red as a tomato the first 2 weeks and now I'm on day 59 and my complexion looks pretty normal and white.

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