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Hi there, fellow sufferers! I'm Sofie, and I'll be cataloging my horrific experiences with accutane in excruciating detail for the next few months. Aren't you just thrilled? I know you are! So, say it with me, strong and loud: "LET'S ACCUTANE!"

Day 1

Rolled out of bed this morning, looked in the mirror and said, "TODAY'S THE DAY!" before prancing into my morning routine. Large, painful pustules on my forehead for the past few days-- My forehead's usually clear, oddly, even though I have a fringe/bangs suffocating it. I just started my period, though, which might explain it.

Getting the slip of paper itself was easier than actually getting my happy little hyena paws on the pills, I found. Last month, I found out that the nurses at the clinic were too busy trying to pack up and get home to put my name in the computer. Hooray for having the last appointment of the day! I didn't know this until December, of course-- when I went out to go and get my first perscription filled. I hadn't gotten my iPledge password yet (puzzled me to death, since I'd thought they'd already put me in) and was shooed away from the pharmacy counter like a dog that'd gotten too close to the dining room table.

Today, a month later, I finally got them. Lovely thing, not strolling out of the pharmacy empty-handed after getting your hopes up. Let me tell you, we ran around all over town trying to find a pharmacy that actually had it in stock. Suppose it's because it's Friday. Did get it eventually, though! Also found a black licorice-scented candle. Mmmm. Can't get that smell off of my mind now! I wish I'd bought it.

Also stocked up on chapstick-- found this lovely vanilla stuff that's smooth and wet and creamy and oh so perfect!

Took the first pill about an hour ago. It's a tiny little 10. I'll be taking 'em twice a day. I know it's silly as hell to keep staring at my face as if all the acne on my face'll be wiped away like a sandcastle at high tide, but I can't help it. I can't wait to see something new happen.

So, I suppose I'll write later... After something actually happens.

Until then!


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hey! someone that's actually started accutane like a day after me!! definately going to be tracking your experience ^_^

you commented on my log saying that 40mg sounded high cause you're taking 10mg.. but if you're taking 10 TWICE a day, that's technically 20mg isn't it?

*shrugs* I'm new to this too so I'm not to sure but if you read more of the 'tane logs on here 40mg to start off with seems pretty normal =) also, my derm is a complete hard ass (who is usually a plastic suregon) and is all "I want it ALL gone!" I actually think he's pretty obsessed with perfection lol but I'm not complaining about that! Plus, everyone is different, it all depends on how much you way and your medical history etc etc so don't worry ^_^ no matter what it seems like 'tane has the same outcome for everyone - complete and utter happiness with clear skin!

You also commented on the Derma E Scar Gel.. yeah I've heard lots of good things about it but I've also heard lots of good things about Emu Oil! Actually, the health store I go to get the Derma E stuff said that Emu Oil worked better for them and I should consider it instead. The thing is though it's an oil so it doesn't look so amazing under makeup, therefore I've planned to use it during any breaks I have from school etc, plus they said I could use it with the Derma E stuff which I think is pretty cool =)

ANYWAYS! I've talked long enough so good luck! and I look forward to reading more! =D

p.s. also as a tip, I've read that cetaphil lotion is really good for the dry skin that comes along with 'tane and my derm recommands it. Plus, I usually have horrible dry skin in the winter and right now my skin is AMAZINGLY soft from using the cetaphil cream. So I recommand it highly =)

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Awesome! Let's be accutane buddies! 8D

I'm actually worrying that maybe my dose won't be high enough-- after looking around a lot, it seems like most people my weight are on 40mg at first. So I'm a little intimidated now.

Ooooh, I'll see if I can find some emu oil, too, once my skin dries up to the point where I won't be scared to death of anything that says "oil" on it.

My mom has me on both the cetaphil face wash and the moisturizer. It's my favourite stuff. I've never had a moisturizer that didn't break me out, but cetaphil does wonders!

Thanks so much for commenting!


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You too, man! I think you're really making good progress.

Day 3:

Sort of rolled out of bed and listened to Switchblade Symphony for a little while before realizing, "OH GOD, I HAVE TO TAKE MY ACCUTANE RIGHT NOW, OR I'LL DIE OR SOMETHING."

So I go rushing into the kitchen for no real reason, pour myself some coffee and pop some pastries in the toaster. Now, I normally dislike taking my medicines with coffee (or anything warm, for that matter), but this morning I felt alright with it. I felt a little guilty over those fatty pastries, too, but... ehh. Not much you can do, when you're supposed to take accutane with something fatty.

Face-wise, I've only got one active zit. Got a few on my back, but I'm trying to ignore that as much as possible-- if I see it, I'll want to pick at it. And scars on my shoulders would be NO GOOD, if I ever want to run around again in the corsets and tank tops I used to wear so often in middle school.

Have a new bass instructor. The guy's pretty nice. I'm really pumped to be learning from someone who actually plays bass! I learned alternate picking last night, which was a challenge... but I like it! I wouldn't be learning bass if I didn't like challenges. Going to have a guitarist friend over today. I think our skill levels are about equal, but our styles are miles apart. Sigh.

My forehead's mostly all healed up, and my period'll probably end today or tomorrow.

Was really proud of how my makeup covered yesterday, considering that my hormones are a wreck right now. Here's a picture! I'm using Almay's clear complexion makeup... The salicylic acid totally isn't helping, but dammit, it makes me feel better about smearing it all over my face!

Terrible cameraphone picture in which you can barely see my face.

And check out that obviously homemade skirt, haha. I finished that up yesterday. Got another one in the works, but gathering denim is a scary prospect for me.

Well, anyway. I'm off to get in the shower. Good luck, everyone!


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Hi! I just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck!

I wouldn't worry too much about your dosage. I've read on several people's logs that their derm started them at 20mg for the first month so they wouldn't have as bad of an initial breakout.

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You are too adorable! And I love your homemade skirt!

Don't worry too much about just being on 20mg for now. I was on 20mg/day for my entire treatment the first time. I don't think I'd even need a second treatment if it wasn't for my birth control totally wrecking havoc on my hormones. That's just a guess, of course, but my skin was perfectly clear after 5 months of 20/mg day anyway.

I started on 40mg and the side effects were really rough, so I would have preferred starting lower. The first month was really rough on my body.


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