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Do you think it's the accutane....

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for the first 6 weeks being on accutane I've felt absolutely nothing

now in week 7 all of a sudden I'm tired & lack energy...my mood is fine, but my energy isn't there

I can't think of any reason why this would be the case, you think it could be the accutane??

again, I felt nothing up until this, the 7th week

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I felt this way on my accutane course around month 2, went to the dr because I thought I had mono. Test came back neg but turns out I had strep throat (throat wasn't even that sore I was just tired and my body was aching). My suggestion would be to go see a dr because you maybe sick and need medicine but you may not feel the need 2 go b/c you maybe quick 2 blame it on the accutane.

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i would say its definitely the accutane. I too get tired and i just feel like staying in bed all day. it takes a lot of will power to get myself out of bed :doubt: not good for a college student!

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I bet it is the accutane. i am two months post tane and i'm getting my energy back. there for awhile, i felt like an 80 yr old. couldn't open jars or get up off the floor w/o it hurting. stick it out as long as possible!

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Yes accutane does this. I felt fatigue and also I just felt like a different person, I even dreamed differently. Very strange feelings when I was on it. But in any case, it saved me.

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