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Has anyone ever tried Boots No7 skin products. They have a "beautifully balanced" collection which are all supposed to be ph balanced. The ingredients SEEM good, but I don't know much about that. They all contain zinc, some have tea tree oil, and vitamins. They have a rebalancing night fluid that moisturizes and contains zinc vitamin A green tea and shea. They have a rebalancing day gel as well...I don't think the harsh drying products are working for me..do these products sound good? or has anyone tried them? they have make up as well.

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I love Boots, for the most part. I've used the two moisturizers you're talking about, so I'll give you a rundown of them.

Rebalancing Day Gel: I like this quite a bit, but not as a daily moisturizer during winter. I can easily see myself using it in the summer, but winter is too dry. If you have oily skin, however, this should work just fine for you. When I started using this, I noticed that after I applied it, my redness went way down and it seems to help heal blemishes. I use a different product now as a moisturizer, but I use this to thin out my foundation and it works great. Not greasy whatsoever. I wish it came in a pump instead of a tub. :)

Rebalancing Night Fluid: Now this I was not impressed with. First off, it's not a fluid, it's a cream. It's so thick, it only comes out of the pump 50% of the time. Red flag: it contains talc. Why? No clue. Long story short, it managed to both give me dry flaky skin (for such thick stuff it hardly moisturizes) and clog my pores. :mmkay:

On a side note, I'm changing my regimen soon to the Boots Complexion Refining line and see if that works. I already use and plan to keep the Boots Cleansing Milk (which I'm in love with). I think I'll still use the day gel with my foundation too ^_^

On one more little side note, Boots also has a glycolic acid peel available. It's $25, but it has 30 uses in it. It's awesome for blackheads and red marks, and gentle enough to use every day.

Sorry for such a long-winded response. I wish more people would try Boots out!


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Awhile back I tried the Boots Blemish Control line of toners, night gel, and facial wash. While they were all very gentle and nondrying (my skin is combination so it tends to dry out easily) and smelled nice, I didnt see much of an improvement. I always contemplate buying the rebalancing products so if you decide to use them keep us up to date.

** Stay away from the Boots Organic stuff though. I was using their brightening, gentle gel cleanser and it was VERY drying. My face would feel stiff after using it. So buyer beware. I hope this helped!

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