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The Cost Of Acne

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O.k, so maybe this is a bit materialistic, and for most people here, cost would be no problem if it guaranteed being clear - I know it wouldn't be for me.

Anyway, I'm just curious. How much do you estimate that your attempt at getting rid of acne costs you each week?? How much do you spend on your products??

I would say I spend on average about £10 per week on things. I guess it doesn't seem much on its own, but that is roughly £40 per month, and over £500 per year. sad.gif

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well I dont usually buy new products every week... But every month I probably spend... 20 dollars? If I need to buy new makeup foundation and concealer... theres another 15... :unsure: So yeah... That sure adds up. But it's definately worth it if it keeps me pimple free!

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Acne doesnt just cause money, but whole purpose was causing your confidence and making you fusturated everyday. :angry:

To be honest, I dont care how much money is going to cause me per day or per month, if it gets me 100% Clear. And I know a lot of you will think the same as I do. :neutral:

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Between supplements - Twinlab B5 and all the other supplements I have to take because of it , and cleansers and BP and SA - I'd say $50 per month

and worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clear (or almost clear) skin is absolutely positively priceless. biggrin.gif

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