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i need help.

Dermalogica Products. Has anyone used Dermalogica products?

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Hi, At the moment my skin is breaking out so much. I've used so many over-the-counter products, which all turned out to be a waste of money - alot of money. So now i've come across a product line called Dermalogica. Has anyone tried these products and what were you're results like? Could you please say what kind of skin you have, what products you used & how often you used them (morning and/or night). The Dermalogica Clean Start line looks like it would work with the research i've done so far but i figured asking you wouldn't hurt.

Here is the site which sells the specific products in their line i'm thinking of purchasing: (also in topic description)

Any answers would be very much appreciated. :shifty::confused:

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My friend Janelle bought 2 of their products on Ebay (from the UK) and then after finally getting them (stupid customs) she used them twice a day until they were gone. She has normal-oily skin I would say. I forget what exact products she used, but I know they were supposed to help for acne. One was a lotion and another was a wash I think. But anyway, she didn't get very much for results at all after using them for about 2 months or maybe just under. Then again, they were shipped in winter to Canada from the UK, so maybe the cold had something to do with it. Like, maybe it made some products unactive? I'm not sure.

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