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Lazy lifestyle cause acne?

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Just a quick question, but does anyone think this might be a cause? I have had some form of acne for the majority of my teenage life, and I have been anything but physically active. I am about to start cross-country training, and was just wondering if anyone knew anything that might motivate me even a little bit more. (I am still doing this out of fun. :D )

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I bought into the whole "foods and lifestyle" cause your acne thing.

Well 3 months later I was more acne-ridden then before. I'm not saying acne can't be cleared through proper lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc), in fact many people on the nutrition and holistic forum seemed to have cleared up through that alone.

But for me, giving up my favorite foods and having to be totally anal about every aspect of my life fearing it might break me out was not worth it - especially since it didn't give me the clear skin I wanted any way!

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I really doubt that laziness causes acne. I'm personally very active.. I run, lift weights, walk , hike, climb, play sports. I probably get 10 hours of physical activity in a week, and yet I suffer from back acne.

Over Christmas I did pretty much nothing but sit around eating junk food all day for 2 weeks and actually noticed improvement somehow, probably coincidental. But nonetheless, I'm pretty confident that acne doesn't have all that much to do with diet and lifestyle.

The ONLY lifestyle thing I've noticed that makes me breakout is lack of sleep or high stress levels.

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Yeah, I doubt a lazy lifestyle causes acne. I used to be pretty lazy and ate literally nothing but junk food. I didn't start going healthy until like year 9. Now I'm really active. I work out around 70/80 mins every other day or so. When I've got school, I've gotta walk 25 mins back and forth. I also play a lot of sports during lunch/recess. I've noticed absolutely no difference in my level of acne, though physically I feel a lot better and more confident in my abilities.

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