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Using the Acne.org Benzoyl with Topical Treatment

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First off. I'm in Canada, ordered my treatment threesome, expected to wait 3 weeks! Was here in under 10 days! Couldn't be happier

I have mild - medium? (term) Acne, mostly red bumps on my chins and tons on my cheeks ... That just drive me nuts, the chin get full on whitehead pimples, but my cheeks are just scarred and caked of red bumps.

Iwent to my doc three weeks ago, and she gave me Clindosol topical treatment, which had definately gotten rid of about 30% (in two weeks) of my red bumps, And was (through much research) interested in trying Dan's system.

I read on the back of my bottle today that I shouldn't use Topical Treatments and Dan's Benzoyl at the same time without talking to a doctor (I can;t get an appointment til Feb 22nd) :(

I just picked up my perscription today of the Topical stuff, what will happen to me, should I just keep using my topical, and wait til i break out real bad to try Dans Benzoyl? Any advice?

Sorry so freaking long! I'm a chatter box! :boohoo:

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Using various topicals at the same time can be very irritating to skin, which can actually aggravate acne.

From the FAQs:

Q: Can I use the Regimen with the prescriptions I am currently taking?

A: You will need to ask your doctor this question. Some doctors do prescribe benzoyl peroxide with other acne medications, but it is important that you not experiment on your own.

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