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How i tackle my cysctic acne

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7 mths ago, my face was being attacked by cystic acne. It was horrible. i cried every time i look at myself on the mirror. My forehead, my left and right cheek, my jaw, u name it. N to make matter worst i was all alone. My husband was deployed to Afghan. It was depressing. And not to mention the ugly scar those bugger left on my face. Seriously i got like 8 cyst on the forehead, 5 or 6 on each cheek and abt 2 on the chin. I was really miserable.

I went to the doc n was prescribed anti biotic. I tried those anti biotic(minocycline) before and it works. But the 2nd round, it don't work anymore. So i went back to the doctor again. Told him those medicine didnt work anymore. Then he prescribed me another antibiotic doxycycline. Don't really work too. Went back again. He added another medicine for me. Spironolactone. I do see some changes on my skin. My forehead started to clear up. But my cheek was still a problem. So after 2 mths of trying those medicine to very minimal results, i decided to go to the dermatology n get my face laser.

Off to the dermatology and i told the nurse there what kinda laser i want. I asked for the Isolaz laser treatment. Saw on the doctor show abt that laser treatment so i wanna try it. Took a package of 4. Cost me like $1000. For those who wanna get those treatment, remember this. Do not expect immediate results. It might take 2 or 3 treatments for u to see results. And u can still break out in between treatment. Now my skin has pretty much calm down. Done with the 4 treatments. From severe acne, now my face has mild acne. Those white head and black heads. I can deal with that compare to the severe acne that left me depressed. Every now n then i still hv to deal one or 2 cyst. So i took spironolactone to keep my acne under control.

And recently, my best friend told me of this cleanser. She told me her friend in Holland suffer from cystic acne and now her skin has cleared up. So i bought the cleanser n so far it works awesome. My cystic acne on my jaw is slowly deflating. So for those who wanna know what kinda cleanser it is, go google for nanocyclic. Its a bar of soap n after i clean my face with that, i felt like it really clean my skin. It cost me close to 30 dollars.

Good luck to all those cystic acne sufferer. Do not give up hope. Keep trying. Im sure theres something out there suit for your skin. I will share my regimen with u here.

Mrng- Nanocyclic Silver bar soap.

- Severe acne free toner

- Bp 10% also by severe acne free

Night- Nanocyclic Silver bar soap

-Severe acne free toner

-Retinol Cream also by that severe acne free system kit

Once a week i will use this mask. Lerosett. I highly recommend this mask to everyone. U can feel that its pulling out all the impurities on ur skin. Ohh btw im a female. I think only female can take that spiro medication. :D. Good luck to all of u. :)

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