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Chicken Enchilada

DE & Straight Shaving

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I'm not going to get too in depth here. Who ever is interested in this should do their own research, but I just want to give you guys an idea here.

I HIGHLY suggest that you guys look into using a DE (double edge)/Safety razor or a straight razor. Yes, the old fashioned way with the badger brush, and the soap. I first started out with a DE and later switched to a straight. All I can say is it has really changed my life. It has done wonders for my skin. Not only that, but I actually enjoy shaving now. Both a DE, and straight are very gentle to the skin and do not irritate. This is because of the use of good shaving cream/soap that has the right ingredients to really offer a good glide and protection to the skin (glycerin, tallow, etc.) unlike the foam in a can crap. The single blade also helps to keep from irritating the skin, as does the sharpness of the edge. The sharper the edge the less pressure is needed to cut your whiskers.

I'm going to keep this short so here is a quick list of some of the highlights:

> I find the soap and badger brush to be really good to the skin. The brush exfoliates without irritating. A good badger brush is very soft to the touch.

> A good soap (like TABAC) protects the skin and allows the razor to glide effortlessly across the skin. A straight shaves unbelievably smooth, with no pulling whatsoever.

> Straight razors leave a really nice 'fresh' feeling afterwards (what I call the 'baby butt smooth feeling') and probably also help to exfoliate the skin.

> Combined with a good aftershave, I find that this type of shaving really helps to keep my skin clear and healthy.

> The shave is VERY close, especially with a straight. It will last much longer than those crappy cartridge razors.

> It's really fun, and a good hobby, not to mention using a straight razor is totally bad^ss.

> If you need another incentive, it is a lot cheaper too. A puck of soap, or tub of cream ($10-15) will last you forever. I have yet to finish one and I have been shaving this way for almost a year. DE blades are cheap at ~$15-30 for 100 blades, each blades lasts about a week. A $40 straight will last you a lifetime.

If you want a BBS (baby butt smooth), irritation free shave, that's very gentle on the skin, lasts a long time, and is fun, then look into using a DE or a straight razor. It could also turn into a pretty cool hobby.

A thing to note is that it will take some time (1-3 months) to master a DE or a straight, but it is worth it. Don't give up.

I'm not sure if I can post links but, check out badgerandblade<dot>com and straightrazorplace<dot>com for more info. Also if you're interested in using a straight coticule<dot>be will be a very valuable resource in regards to honing (sharpening) your straights. These are just forums, they do not sell products. I'm not trying to solicit here.

Thanks, if you have any questions feel free to ask me.


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I totally agree, I'd love to try a straight razor, I think it'd be really cool and definatly less irrating (Once I master it of course lol)

I've used an electric all my life and I think it's why I get acne along my jawline.

Where do you get your supplies? Is it hard to find?

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fendrihan.com is based in Canada and provides a plethora of wet shaving supplies. It ships to the USA.

I'm curious about those straight razors... does your shave consist of one round or two rounds? Do you go against the grain with a straight?

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