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Do you guys use Dan's BP on cysts?

I have used 10% BP on cysts and although it dries and heals the cysts....it leaves a very dark mark that takes forever to fade.

I haven't used Dan's BP yet on cysts for fear of the same effect....but I was wondering what you guys do with your cysts and Dan's BP.


How about AHA+ on cysts?

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Hi there! I have some very very recent - good experience with this topic :)

I recently had 4 cysts appear - all in the same area - and used everything from ice, topical antibiotic, AHA and Dan's BP - all to see which would clear them up.

I'm clear now - except for some scarring - but this is what eventually worked:

I used a bacitrycin/Neosporin sort of topical when they were at their "weepy" stage - this worked for about 2-3 days - and then it just spread the infection. I have no idea why this happened, antibiotics are supposed to *kill* the infection - but after a week of using the antibiotic topical - I had 2 more cysts. So I stopped.

I did use some AHA when I wanted the *swelling* of the cysts to go down. I found that AHA - DOES work for that. Dan's AHA has the licorice root extract in it - so that really really REALLY helps take down zit swelling. I highly recommend this. I actually put a big glob of AHA on the cysts - and it did help bring the cysts to a *head* so I could pop it - but I found that after awhile -a thin application over the cyst will do the job too. AHA has worked as a spot treatment (for popping) AND as a *calming* lotion for cysts. Now - I am using it to help with the scarring. So AHA really helped for me. I'd put the AHA on after my normal application of BP. It was sort of like an extra kick in the butt for the inflamation :)

After using the topical antibiotic stuff - for a week - and it didn't work....gave me nothing but 2 more cysts - I went back to doing my normal regimen on Dan's stuff - which is cleansing and then applying BP. I found - in the end - using BP on my cysts - WORKED. It allowed (over the antibiotic stuff) my cysts to DRY OUT - which is what they needed to scab over - and then heal. The pus eventually dried up from within - scabbed up - and came off. This was from BP application during the day.

I only put AHA on at the start - when I would first discover the cyst - when it's at the red, inflamed stage. AHA will either bring the cyst to a head so you can pop it - OR - it will help calm the area down - and help it go away. I really experienced BOTH of these when using AHA. Sometimes, the AHA would help me pop a cyst/zit - sometimes - it shrunk it - and made it go away - without any popping.

But BP ended up being what I needed to use faithfully (AHA can go thinly over the BP once dried) and it's BP that helps dry your skin up :)

Hopefully that will help you!

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