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The 3 products that I will always buy from now on.

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I've had acne since high school, it didn't go away when I went to college, I've tried about all the silly things I've read about to get rid of my acne, so on and so on. About half a year ago I thought I'd try Dan's AHA+ lotion, and I'm pretty sure that's what was the big breakthrough for me. Basically, I follow dan's regimen (twice a day I wash my face, then add benzoyl peroxide, then moisturize), but like I said I think it's the AHA as a moisturize that helps the most.

The Products I use:

Face wash: Up and Up Acne Wash Scrub (it's a Target generic brand) (on the tube it says "compare to Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash", in case you don't have any Targets around)

Benzoyl Peroxide: Zapzyt (I buy it at Wal-Mart)

Moisturizer: acne.org AHA+

Before and After Pictures:

Here are some pictures from about a year and a half ago to give you an idea what kind of acne I have and this was when I just about felt like crying because my acne sucked.

Before 1

Before 2

And here are some I took today (after I've been using these products for about half a year now).

After 1

After 2

After 3

I can truthfully say that my life is different because of these products I've found that work for me. My confidence and self-esteem is definitely better now. I used to be pretty embarrassed to go out to do about anything. Now, I always feel ready to go out if there's something to do or going on (shopping, work, the bar, whatever). I know everyone's acne is different, but this stuff has made an incredible difference for me, so I hope that it can for someone else too (because I know how bad acne sucks).

(And because I'm always curious about the little things other people do):

- I eat whatever I want (junk food, pop, milk)

- I do change my pillowcase often and I try to sleep on my back because I'm paranoid about sleeping on my face and getting acne that way (even though I have no idea if it effects it)

- I do not shave with a razor or electric shaver anymore. I'm pretty positive that shaving with a razor causes me to break out with whiteheads or pustules or whatever you want to call them. Now, I use a beard trimmer, without any of the guards on it, every day; so I always have a bit of stubble. Something like this.

- I used to apply the benzoyl peroxide as soon as I dried my face off (so my face was still a little wet and moist), then applied the AHA lotion right after that. But now I wait to apply the benzoyl peroxide until a few minutes after I dry off when my face feels dry and tight. And then I wait about another minute and apply the AHA lotion.

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I don't know if the AHA is intended to be strictly a moisturizer, but that's how I use it. I put it over my entire face. It's the only thing I've ever used that practically gets rid of all the flakiness from using benzoyl peroxide. And it's consistency is about what your typical shampoo is like (a little runny, but not too much).

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well you have had incredible results. well done mate!

i dont get that many white heads anymore, just redness that lingers :(

hear aha might work. then again might not

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