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Why Dan's BP (Benzyol Peroxide) Is better than the competition!

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Alright, so today I got my BP in the mail! WOOHOO!

I could not believe how huge it was! I was using Acne-On-The-Spot Treatment (from Walmart) for about 3 weeks and those tube are TINY!!

Anyway, in comparison to Acne-on-the-spot & Proactiv, Dan's B.P. is 5 times the better bargain...literally.

If you were to buy FOUR 2-ounce tubes of Proactiv B.P. %2.5, it would cost you an estimated $80!!!

If you were to buy TEN .75-ounce tubes of Acne-On-The-Spot B.P. %2.5, (Still not 8-ounces) it would cost you an estimated 70$!!!

If you were to buy ONE 8-ounce tube of Dan's B.P. %2.5 it would cost you an estimated $21!!!

Not to mention that Dan's B.P. is a gel & Acne-On-The-Spot is a cream substance. Which is a pain if you need to go out in public. AND!! If you were going to buy Proactiv, you would have to deal with customer service reps constantly and their solicitation. (Trying to get you to buy more more more.)

PLUS, it's a monthly renewal system at Proactiv, so you're buying it every month. You can change this to like 8 weeks or something but you CANNOT pause it. If you choose to stop the orders then they close your account & you lose membership (I bought Proactiv for over 6 months)

I hope if you had any doubts, I cleared them :)

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I Really would like to purchase dans product but my parents wont let me due to weve been scammed twice!! :(

Maybe you could show them this forum, and some reviews of acne.org on other sites. I've never heard any complaints of anyone getting scammed by acne.org, so maybe that would calm their fears a bit?

It's definitely worth a try!

My mom is super paranoid about buying stuff off the internet, too. So I know how you feel! She gets nervous anytime I mention ordering anything with my debit card. ha

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I used Proactiv for over 5 years - and then switched to Dan's stuff. I was very hesitant about ordering a skin product over the internet - but I've been using Dan's stuff for over a year now - and i love it. It's even BETTER than signing up with a skin care system. Why? Because here - you can actually personally EMAIL Dan if you have any problems and get an immediate response. If not from him - from his customer service. If something isn't making you happy - all you have to do is email Dan/Customer Service - and you are able to return it.

After all my negative experience with Proactiv - I'd say that THEY are the scammers. I got (and still get) phone calls from them. The bigger the company - sometimes - the WORSE OFF you are :)

I feel like I am almost buying *local* when buying Dan's acne.org products! His service has been great. And where else can you find out about the products - from the man who is creating/making them himself?! If there are any changes - you know ASAP right here - from the site! To me - that's the best thing about a product - ever. You won't get that from buying something off the shelves!!!

Just some positive reinforcement :)

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I've been using Dan's BP for over two years (it will be three years this summer), and I've never had a problem. I've never even had to think about contacting customer service. I only use the BP, I used to use his full regimen by it was too expensive for me, and the main thing I need is the BP. I use Cetaphil for my face wash and moisturizer (when I need one).

Like someone mentioned earlier, I would show your parents the site, and maybe contact Dan/customer service about their concerns. It couldn't hurt anything.

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Okay, so I am new here and I find this org really cool but I'm hoping that it's effective. I had a very good skin but whe I started and stopped using birth control pills, acne and pimples grew all over my face. I have a good job in a motor company and I lose confidence in facing clients because of my face. I've tried everything too but nothing happened. I am about to give up and I saw hope in this web site.

I want to try buying dan's products too. but yeah I'm afraid on doing it online due to scams. And How can I be assured that the regimen and the products works well? I think my acne are hormonal.

Sorry about sounding like I doubt the products and Dan, it's just that I've tried everything, proactiv, natural, water therapy, but nothing happened. I hope that this will work. I started buying some over-the-counter products from dan's list. And I can see some effects. We'll see how it goes after a week r more...

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If your curious I ordered dans stuff 3 times and I recieved It 2 days later each time.

And have not been dissapointed whatsoever....

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If your curious I ordered dans stuff 3 times and I recieved It 2 days later each time.

And have not been dissapointed whatsoever....

Thanks for the reply. I will buy Dan's products after finishing these over-the-counter products I am currently using. I followed the regimen and it is working. I'm in to it for 3 days and I can see great effect. Thank you.

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