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How will you feel if one day, you could remove your scars totally?

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If that day comes, I would literally go weak in the knees with excitement and a tinge of nervousness. It will be the most anticipated day of my life and I would wonder whether i'll be the same person as before (before I had scars) or I'll be a changed person.

Also, I predict after removing my scars totally and looking in the mirror, I would have the most intense orgasm that sex will never be able to replicate. :D

I would then call all my friends, jump for joy and then PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

How bout u guys?

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i would be on cloud 9 obviously. it's like being sentenced to life in prison and then one day you get a get out of jail free card.

i'd go out and and hang out at the most packed places i could find, malls, sporting events, clubs, restaurants and bask in my new found freedom.

i also wonder how people i know such as coworkers; how would they react? how would the ones who kind of shunned me or avoided me, how would they react to me now being normal? honestly i'd probably still be introverted and a loner. I've seen how this world is towards people that are different.i've discovered teh truth about people. They're very SHALLOW. so i'll stick to myself but i'd feel very VERY comfortable in my own skin obviously.

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