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Finding low concentrations of BP

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My main question is: Does anyone sell low concentrations of benzoyl peroxide? Like 0.25% or 0.50%?

I've was on accutane several years ago. Now my skin is extremely dry. Using the amount of BP prescribed in the regimen will make my face MUCH WORSE than simply washing 2x day with a gentle cleanser without any medicating. Essentially any product that is extremely drying to my skin makes things much worse. Something like 1/10 of the amount the regimen prescribes is appropriate for me. The problem is such a small amount is hard to evenly distribute across my face. So here's what I do:

Morning: Purpose cleanser, Shave, Cetaphil moisturizer

Night: Purpose cleanser, pea sized amount of 2.5% BP evenly mixed with Cetaphil moisturizer

As a general note to anyone with poor, dry skin that uses a lot of BP cream, harsh face washes, etc or has been on accutane: Consider going 'cold turkey' with your medication, but continue with your moisturizer and gentle face wash. You may find your skin improves.

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The lowest strength BP I believe is 2.5%. A website I just checked said it was available in strengths between 2.5% and 10%. I had been using Neutrogena On the Spot, which is 2.5% BP. It's a cream based BP, which I found is much harder to apply and dries super fast. I just swtiched to Dan's BP, which is a gel. Not sure if you are using a cream or gel? I think the gel would be much easier for you to apply since you are using a very small amount.

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