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Dermatologist questions

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I finally decided that I need to schedule a dermatologist appointment today, but as a college student with sketchy medical coverage and limited funds I want to make sure I make good use of it. I've tried many different products and methodology. My acne is what you might call mild-moderate, so I don't want to end up walking out of the office with a coupon for proactiv and a pat on the back. What should I expect?

What OTC products will they advise me to use? Change in diet? Methods of washing, shaving, treating my skin? I've spent years with mild acne, and following the regimen strictly always worked but no more. I -think- I've tried everything but I want to be sure. Basically I want to move right along to testing for food allergies (should I do this before I go?) and then some prescription meds.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

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OTCs? They don't prescribe that..diet neither...he/she will probably take a quick look at your face (they're used to acne people) and tell you what you have + give you some medications...Idk about allergies

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It all depends on the individual dermatologist. Some are into giving detailed tips on vitamins, supplements and diets; others will tell you that they don't work, and some will spend no more than 5 minutes looking at you and prescribing a combination of topical and pills and tell you to come back to see what's working or not.

I found that the ones that avoid prescribing antibiotics, don't rush to accutane, and discuss supplement/vitamins are on the right track and tend to have experience and interest in dealing with acne. Don't expect a miracle or a genius doctor who will solve all your problems with a single visit and prescriptions. Derm treatments are usually trial and error process.

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