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hey new to here but not new to acne .

im now 23 and still have acne , had it for around 8years now but nothing seems to work. i seem to get little breakouts on me cheeks and sometimes near my mouth .

i have tried virtually everything over the counter , panoxyl 10%, quinderm, oxy ,Dr murrad sets etc etc.

is there anything else i should be trying , i dont really have time to go to the doctor as i have a hettic work life ...

could any one point me in the right direction please

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since you are 23 you probably dont need to exfoliate more than 2x a week...

there is a exfoliant product called acnetix which was a little expensive, but worked great for me.

I also use organic honey to wash in shower, apple cider vinegar diluted with pure water 2x a day followed by jojoba oil (great stuff)

the only reason this might work for you, (everyone is different i know) is that it keeps your skin ph balanced and allows recovery plus at a balance where bacteria cant grow.

Most products on the market are trash.... filled with preservatives that irritate skin, look for organic with ph of 5.5 products.

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You need a multipronged regimen. Plenty of threads on that.

i was looking at the products availible on here but im not sure if they post to the uk , any one know ?

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