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I've Figured Out Why Acne is so Horrible!

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I've figured out just what makes acne so unbearably horrid.

It takes the sheer joy out of the best things in life. Let me explain... think of your perfect moment, for me it's having breakfast early in the morning when the sun is just cresting over the horizon, in a small diner. It smells like coffee and toast, and you hear the sound of conversation, and forks and knifes rattling against plates. I'm sitting on a spinning stool with a morning paper, talking to a pretty waitress with a southern accent about the weather.

Some people like amusement parks, some people like walks in the woods and some people just like a quiet evening with someone special. But for me, it's breakfast in that imaginary diner. Now think of yourself in that moment, but instead of being able to just enjoy it and relax, and bask in the moment and hope that it never ends... All your thoughts are occupied by how your face looks, you're trying to relish and savor this perfect moment but your mind is shouting at you incessantly about ugly you are, about how there's probably new pimples showing at this very minute that you didn't even know about, and just how ugly you really are.

You simply can't enjoy anything, acne ruins every good moment you have. That's why your best times are always times when you were too preoccupied having fun and enjoying yourself to think about acne.

So now I want you all to take a minute, and think of your perfect moment or memory. But don't let it be ruined by acne, just imagine yourself there... I promise you it will bring a smile to your face, and make you feel a little bit better.

Best of luck to you all.

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very good post :clap:

i too feel the same way, and it sucks because its something you cant control..

esp when your in college, but hey this is the time of my life so im gonna live it up regardless of acne!

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my place would be on a boat on my way to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef... Beautiful day, no wind so the water would be crystal clear. ive done this before but I was pre-occupied by my skin at the time... I want to go back and do it again without a care in the world - just me, my snorkel, the wind in my face from the boat ride, feet dangling off the edge of the boat, hair pulled back with not a care in the world, dive into the water, see everything there is to see, not worrying if my make up was coming off...

Great post, best part of my morning so far.

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This post is beautiful. I love the detailed descriptive language. I can see your diner clearly. I can even hear it and smell it! I really admire your ability to paint such a vivid picture with your writing. It was a joy to read this. Thank you. :)

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I know these little moments you are talking about. I somehow think that our acne actually enables us to perceive them in their beauty. Waiting for or reminiscing the time we'are finally free of acne and able to enjoy them.

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i cringed the moment i read "sun is just cresting over the horizon".

but i did feel a little better when i reach the end. :)

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same here. we are not making fun of your moment by the way, sounds beautiful, Its just that the sun makes your face 10x worse. either that or it appears 10x better in the dark...

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