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A Gluten-Free Diet

Hi there... Been reading up on gluten and such but I'm a bit confused... Do all grains like bread, cereal, rolled oats, contain gluten?

And if I want to cut out Gluten where do I start?

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If it's a grain or cereal and it doesn't say "gluten-free" on it, it could potentially contain gluten. Even things like oatmeal can get cross-contaminated with gluten when processed on the same machinery as things like wheat. If you want to do a gluten-free diet, then the best way is to only eat grains that are labeled gluten-free. You can safely have brown rice and quinoa as your primary grains, and there are gluten-free breads too. Gotta be careful if you drink at all, though; only certain types of alcohol are gluten-free.

I just started an allergy diet that is gluten-free, and it's not easy, but do-able. Good luck! :)

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My turn to help you out!

Its better to know what you CAN eat vs what you CANT. I decided 3 years ago to go gluten free and it was the best decision of my life at that time... it made all my acne dissappear but now I have PCOS so this is why my acne is back and is back to stay well unless i take the accutane ( thats what the docs are saying... who knows...)

okay back to you!


what you can eat.

All Type of Meats - caution with sausages -some contain "filler" so make sure to READ


Brown Rice and White Rice (not rice pilaf)





Dairy - read tho, some cottage cheeses have modified food starch as well as some yogurts

Oats ARE considered gluten - but studies have not confirmed this completely... doctors just say Stay Way. and I have even though its been kinda tough. I loved Oatmeal in the mornings.

Best advice - READ READ READ all labels!!!

you need to look for anything that says wheat, modified food starch, advised to stay away from carmel color.

Its a huge challenge if you know what its like to eat things like GOOD PIZZA, GOOD PASTAS, etc.

The GF World has started to make some EXCELLENT alternatives. You can make your own pizzas, my suggestion is to get the pre-made gluten free crusts. Brown Rice pasta is fine (im italian so giving up goooood pasta was so tough but at the time it was SO WORTH it... im still GF now, i think its the best for me health wise. My sister has Celiacs and my mom has Chrons so I just need to be cautious anyway.)

ALSO another suggestion - the mixes are fine - the breads, crusts, pancakes, etc. BUT SOME ARE MUCH BETTER THAN OTHERS. if you want my imput on those, id be happy to give them to you but what im saying is if you try one and you HATE it dont worry, there really isnt a happy medium..they either suck or are great so try another one!

ALCOHOL doesnt suck as much as you might think! There are GF beers, Redbridge is a good one - its hoppy but I like that. Woodchucks and any cidars are GF - Wine is fine - Tequila is fine which is great for me since I love margaritas - Rum is fine - and so is Potato Vodka!

If you need any ideas go to http://www.celiac.com/ and http://www.celiac.org/ both sites are good for ideas of food - any questions just message me!

Hope I could help

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Thanks for the advice everyone, and for "readytosmileagain" your post was a big help thanks. As it is now, I eat very well. No high sugar food, no dairy, no fast food, no chocolate, no candy, etc... So just tell me what to cut out and I can do it. :P But I don't really understand what Gluten is and why it's bad. Can you explain? Thanks!

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