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What about Sushi?

I'm assuming you're asking for an anti candida diet? I'm curious about the same thing but for chinese food in general.

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Hello, again.

Japanese rice (as a short-grain) is really a debatable thing. Either way, I don't think there is enough in portion to be an issue. The other ingredients overshadow any potential issue.

There are so many different types of sushi, I couldn't list them all from memory. But all of them have excellent stuff and one benefit to the rice is vinegar. The nori (seaweed wrap) used in rolls is pretty healthy. Out of all the different types, I think Nigiri Sushi offers the least ingredients--just rice topped with fish or veg--so that is probably the least beneficial. When you get combos with veggies, like avocado, or seaweed salad, you're eating well. Most fish varieties are also awesome for da body.

But, if in doubt, there's always straight sashimi. This thread made me hungry, now I have no choice but to order sushi. Damn you, RecoverMe, you pusher.

Spicy salmon ocean mix and... something else. Spring roll too? I don't know... Maybe just sushi. Sixteen pieces should be alright, I'll just have some... Oh, right, adios. Or Ja ne. Whatever floats your sushi boat.

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