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So I'm an 18 year old college student who has never had hardly any acne, except for very mild/moderate in high school. The day we got out for xmas break was the day my acne seemed to worsen substantially for some reason, all on my chin, were talking anywhere from 7-10 whiteheads, and one MASSIVE pimple/cyst/ something that has been there for literally a month and hurts quite a bit. I generally have oily skin, but here what I generally do.


Shower, apply BP and Moisturizer if need

3-5PM: Workout with weights 4x a week. I generally break a sweat, but am not sure what to do as far as my face. I dont want to wash it, because everyone says its bad to wash it more then 3x a day, so any advice?

9PM: Shower, Apply BP and Moisturizer if need. I was thinking of trying out some mixing some TTO and something else before I go to bed (heard TTO alone isn't the best for the skin).

My biggest concerns are I feel like Im constantly wiping my face off because its so oily, and I feel like showering 2x a day is a little much?

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welcome to the club man. I've had oily skin for as long as I can remember. It seems there isn't much we can do about oily skin :(

After you sweat, try sitting in the sauna for 15 minutes and then splashing water on your face lightly afterwards without soap.

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Is it possible to move up your shower or move back your workout? I know scheduling is always an issue for college students, but letting sweat and grime sit for hours on your face is probably doing your skin a disservice.

I don't have much experience with oily skin, but I have somewhat dry skin and I generally take two showers as well on days that I work out. I've found that this actually has a positive effect on my acne as I do a better job of getting my face competely cleansed and rinsed with zero product residue. I can also use just the running water and my finger tips as a rinser which is a bit more gentle than a washcloth. I would say as long as you're not taking epically long or hot showers (sub 15 mins, luke warm) it's probably ok. I would also suggest talking to a derm though.

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I would recommend washing your face after working out. The sweat on your face can cause breakouts, or so I read.

Maybe try the regimen?

Good day!

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