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Daytime Oiliness

My boyfriend's skin gets so oily that it literally drips into his eyes. Less than an hour after he cleanses it'll be oily again. He's looking to me for an answer but I don't know because I have really dry skin. Does anyone have any suggestions for controlling oiliness between face-washing (he's too lazy for the regimen)?


(He uses Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and I usually can't convince him to bother washing his face in the morning because he thinks it's a massive effort getting his face wet and all)

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Drops into his eyes? That doesn't really sound like oil, more like sweat. Maybe he just gets really sweaty and that rolls down otherwise, even the oilest faces don't 'drop' down into eyes. Maybe I'm mistaken but anyway, you shouldn't be washing the face too many times. If it's that oily then cleanse twice a day and fit in a shower between them two.

I would suggest he goes to a doc/derm asap if the condition is that bad. And does he even have bad acne? Doesn't sound like something that bad if he's not willing to put the effort in to wet his face.... Unless he's trying to act macho infront of you lol.

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As an update: It has stopped being that oily. He discontinued a medication and summer stopped simultaneously so I don't know which it was.

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That happens to me. It stings my eyes so much. I had to stop wearing contacts partially because of it.

There's not much you can do about it. Oil blotting papers are an expensive, but moderately helpful option. It's great that your boyfriend is doing better, though.

That medication wasn't lithium, was it? (Mostly rhetorical question.) Lithium is why I'm so oily.

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