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Hi, I have been on the regimen for I believe two months or close to it and I use clean and clear sensitive foaming cleanser as of now and have used purpose, cetaphil, and others. I use Dan's BP cetaphil advanced hydration mosturizer and have jojoba oil but don't use all the time. I also have AHA+ (dans) but feel that really hasn't done anything...never really stops the zit from coming and doesnt do much for red marks...when i apply it seems like dead skin rolls off..could that be the exfoliating power or is that the bp comin off? Also I never had acne till college and its still not as bad as so many people struggle with me but having never had it its a huge confidence killer. I dont' feel good looking like i used to unless im far away enough to not see the zits...but i feel like the BP might be damaging my skin...i seem to stillg et new pimples mainly on my jaw. I shave like every three-four days and the red marks seem to be more noticable with more facial hair...shoudl i shave more often. I use the Trac II Plus and edge ultra sensitive shave gel...like i said the regimen has helped a bit but i still have white heads deep under hte skin it seems that won't come out...they never reach full white head stage but never go away...are they just clogged pores. I try not to touch my face and i have been doing better. Im just so frustrated...it seems sometimes my skin will look much better for a few days then all the old spots will be more evident again. I have had the same spots for a few years now it seems probably from how i used to pick at them. Please help with any suggestions. I am thinking of continuing the regimen for a few more weeks to see if it improves but if not i might just wash twice a day and try to let my skin heal it self just spot treating where needed.


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