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Finacea/Azelaic Acid for acne scare

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My derm prescribed me finacea (which has azelaic acid in it) for my acne scars. I know it is normally prescribed for rosacea so I am just wondering if other people have used it for scarring and how it worked. Thanks :)

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My doctor prescribed it to me for hyperpigmentation, because I am sensitive to hydroquinone.

I don't use it consistently because it burns. It does clear up you skin, when I used it constitently, it worked, but it takes a long time. I actually like azelex better than financea.

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Hmmm, I guess I mean both. I have both red marks and rolling indentations so I could certainly use help with either. I was under the impression my derm prescribed it for help with the red marks though.

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I have used Finacea for about 7 months. It was supposed to help me with my red marks. I have never heard it being prescribed for scarring.

I have light scarring mostly on my right cheek, I don't notice much improvement with the scarring. It has helped with the red marks, but after 7 months I expected more. I'm looking for an alternative now, possibly AHA. I posted something on a different section, but have not gotten any responses.

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I have the same question, so a bump from me here!

My acne has almost cleared but my cheek marks are bad, so my derm suggested I try Finacea for 2 months then see her again. I haven't seen any difference in 2 weeks yet, has anyone had positive experience with using Finacea for scarring? How is it working for you Lillya?

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I am not quite sure how much improvement I have seen... I am also using Vitamin C daily and a glycolic peel every two weeks so it is hard to know which product the improvement stems from. Plus, I haven't been very consistent in using it everyday like I am supposed to - this makes it even harder to figure out if it is helping. I think I will at least keep using it until the tube is gone, but I can't decide if I should get the prescription refilled or not. Nadzu - keep us posted on how it is working for you - I am definitely curious to know how it works for others!

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