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Has anyone used the site: Diagnose-Me.com ?? Looks so good!

Has anyone tried it??

Diagnose-Me.com allows people to anonymously fill out an 800-question form which asks hundreds of questions about various symptoms that traditional doctors never ask. Cold hands/feet? Sleepy after meals? Canker sores? Mercury fillings? Acne? Weak stomach acid? Yeast infections? Stress? Many of these symptoms are related and have one underlying cause.

For $25, the 800 questions can be analyzed by a naturopathic computer program that sends you information on how to treat yourself naturally. For a higher price ($55-77), a naturopathic doctor can review your questionnaire and can give you a consultation.

"The computer analysis uses years of extensive medical research and experience, empirical data and up-to-date studies to diagnose and recommend natural treatments for your health." The questions are very comprehensive and I was impressed. They asked me about symptoms I'd never even considered.

I believe this site might interest many of you who prefer naturopathic doctors to traditional medicine. ;)

You can fill out the 800 questions for free and then decide at the end what type of consultation you want: http://www.diagnose-me.com/

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This sounds very appealing to me. I noticed lately my hands had become very dry. Skin was peeling off and they were raw at the finger tips. Then, I started taking some extra supplement to help my acne and as a side effect my hands are almost back to normal now. I wish I could have asked a doctor why my hands were like that before but I feel like I can't trust anyone in the medicine field. They just want the money.

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Yeah, I have done it... I paid $25 for the basic results. Let me tell you, I got soooo much good information. I have actually been recommending this site to people I know a lot. As a matter of fact, I might have made a thread about it on here not too long ago... just got swallowed up probably.

From the 800 or so questions (takes an hour or two to fill out) it really covers all your bases and even points out things you may not have even thought about. I have my results saved and I still refer back to them a ton. It gives you all sorts of great recommendations as well.

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The program makes connections between all of your symptoms if they happen to be tied together and informs you of what health problem/problems you most like have and then it sends you tons of information on how to treat yourself.

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