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Having a bad day :( don't know what to

Basically I'm on yasmin BCP and I am at my last straw. Basically I'm into my fourth month and I have seen little improvement...if anything the spots have got worse :( I am at my wit's end and thought this would be the soloution to my problems. I am going to give it another two months (taking it up to 6) and if they have not cleared up at all, I will ask for a change in pill.

Today has been my worst in a long time. The spots are red and huge around my mouth and all over my cheeks. I can't take this much longer. My life seems to revolve around this ridiculous skin disease and why do I of all people have it?? :( it seems to have got slowly worse over time and nothing I do helps. I am left with scarring on my cheeks and the only time it seems to get better is in the summer when the sun is on it occasionaly.

Does anyone have any tips or anything for me?

I use Neutrogena on the spot acne cream at night time and I was my face once a day with cetaphil however I'm worried it is this breaking me out so I'm thinking of changing to my old face wash neutrogena oil free face wash (orange bottle).

Aswell as yasmin I have tried tetrasyal lymecycline and duac once daily gel.

I am very much losing the will to live and would very much like any help that anyone can offer

Thank you

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Sorry about your acne girl...

Seems you've tried a lot of things already so I'm not sure what to suggest.

Having said that, most likely you're over relying on the pill. Many of us here have a multipronged skin regimen.

Have you tried dan's regimen ? Lots of BP all over the face ?

I would suggest building a regimen for yourself that includes --

- salicylic acid

- clarisonic brush

- aha/glycolic products

- retin-a

And something like Clenziderm BP which is supposed to be better than other BP available.

All these will irritate your skin, but might get the acne under control.

Furthermore another thing to try would be frequent blue-light treatment with some hand held device like omnilux clear-u that kills acne bacteria. I wouldn't know what is the most frequent you can use.

Also, you should probably keep off makeup for a bit. You're probably overusing it. The clarisonic brush clears up skin better than anything out there.

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Really sorry to hear that :( BCPs work for some people and not other people... there are other options though. Maybe you can ask your doctor about other pills like the Spirolactone or whatever it is called? You can look through this site it seems to work for many women because it blocks male hormones.

Have you tried Dan's Regimen? I just started on that and my skin is clearing remarkably. I think the main thing is to keep trying different treatments. I had horrible giant nodules on my face when I started BCP and just wanted to die, it was so painful and embarrassing. I wanted a quick fix that would get rid of the issues but there IS no quick fix. Dan's regimen is really helping dry out the breakouts and prevent new ones but you HAVE to stick with the regimen, it takes a long time. But it's better than siting around waiting for your breakouts to go away! Plus it's relatively cheap :D

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