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Metformin for women with PCOS & acne

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Hi Everyone,

I looked for specific threads about metformin and couldn't find many... are there any other women with PCOS using metformin alone for acne? I was on spiro for 2 years and it kept my face 100% clear, but it unfortunately gave me a stomach ulcer over time...so I can no longer take it. My endo suggested I try metformin. I'm wondering if metformin alone works for treating acne? Or does it have to be used with Yasmin or some other hormonal treatment for it to work?

Has anyone had success with metformin alone for controlling PCOS related acne? Any other info about Metformin that I should know?

Thanks!! :)

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Spiro and metformin saved my life! I was in constant pain, emotionally and physically because of an acne outbreak that lasted months with no relief. On spiro alone I still got monthly breakouts, but adding met cleared me COMPLETELY. I would suggest trying it with a bc pill, otherwise you are not attacking the multiple causes, sugars and hormones. Here is a tip tho, do not drink sugary drinks or much alcohol on met, for me it caused a bad breakout.

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Yeah I definitely feel your pain! I had moderate acne from age 13 on...til I figured out the root problem was PCOS about 2 years ago. So you're suggesting not doing the metformin alone? Yeah you might be right...it might take the extra boost of the bcp to keep my face clear. I might give the metformin a few months to kick in then go off of the yasmin and just see what happens. What dosage of metformin are you on, if you don't mind me asking? I'm working up to 1,500mg a day.

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I currently take 150mg spiro, 500mg of metformin, plus bc pill. The met helps the body process the glucose in sugar, while the bc or spiro controls the oil production. The acne feeds on the oils and the sugars I think (obviously I'm not a doctor) but this combo is the only thing that will work completely I believe, for me at least. I found some met posts on a pcos website saying it alone did not control the acne. As I said before, do NOT have a martini on this drug, I was perfectly clear then bam, three nodules. Good luck!

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