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So I just got the products today. I was wondering though, do you have to wash your hands after applying the bp before applying the moisturizer? Also does anyone have any experience on exercising/sweating whilst using AHA? Will it sting or anything?

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Generally, you should always make sure your hands are clean before touching your face, so for best results, I'd recommend washing up between steps.

Also, until you've been on The Regimen for at least a month, and your skin has had a chance to adjust to the full amount of BP, you shouldn't use the AHA at all.

If you have been on The Regimen for a while, and are ready to use the AHA, then be aware that, yes, most people do experience a bit of stinging after applying the AHA. Many people say that the stinging gets less pronounced the longer they use the AHA (and some lucky people never experience it at all).

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I'll be using the AHA on my body. Is it okay to speed up the drying process with a fan or something? And is there an optimum temperature to store the products like below 30 degrees?

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Yep, using a fan is okay, as long as you still have enough time to move the products around and make sure they absorb well.

And just store them at room temperature in a dry place. Some people do opt to store their products in the fridge, because they enjoy the refreshing feeling of the colder products, but it doesn't really affect how well the products work. Either ways is fine.

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