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Breakout with switching cleansers? :O

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i dont know if its just a normal periodical breakout but heres the playbyplay: ive been on the regimen for 4 weeks, Cetaphil gentle anti0batrerical cleanser, Acne.org BG and nutrogena mostiruizer +jojoba oil when needed. i was getting some reduced acne, it cleared up my cheeks, just some jawline/chin problems.

my bar ran out, so i used my old nutrogena bar, then after a couple nights i noticed i was acne-free. just a bunch of scars/red marks, the Nutrogena bar ran out LOL so i bought another cetaphil one,

my skin broke out after that (its been 2 days) with 3/4 whiteheads on my chin.

should i switch back to nutrogena? or is it the switching thats causing the breakouts? any ideas?

PS: it was a nutrogena beauty bar for acne prone skin :P

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Dont use any of those big brand names. Just wash your face with regular soap 3 times a day, put sun lotion/moisturizer when you go out, use regular moisturizer after face wash at home, and use Apple Cider Vinegar on the face at night. Keep it simple. Worked great for me. I wish I didnt so much money on those skin care brand product crap for many years.

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i believe it might be the irritation from trying out differnet cleansers!....also i really dislike the neutrogena bar which leaves skin too tight....however on the regimen its normal to keep breaking out just have patience the longer on the regimen the better the results (especially if your really gentle and follow precisely) using cetaphil should be goood--- although purpose would be better in my opinion.... however just keep on using cetaphil and if your skin is still reacting in 2 weeks switch cetaphil...listen to your skin all it wants is a balance----I DO NOT RECOMMEND SWITCHING TO neutrogena bar(which is too drying and cause more irritation then more breakouts)

HOPE I helpeed :)

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Use the Cetaphil Gentel Cleanser.

Use for about 30 seconds messaging the face.

Why not under 10 seconds? It's amazingly gentle so under a minute is still GOOD.

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If a new product is breaking you out, an ingredient in that product may be irritating you.

Also, take note that ingredients can interact with each other.

For cleansing, I'd go with something simple that takes away most of the oil, deadskin, and dirt.

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I see, i guess i was confusing clearing with tightness, althought it made things look better temporarily. I'l run a test of nutrogena next week to be positive.

alright im back to my Cetaphil, yea it is really gentle, i guess sometimes i think if it doesnt make me red or flaky then its not working haha..

also jarrit, your sig says you use AHA after BP, so it doesnt interfere? I'm going to be doing that too soon. do you do it on your most usual breakout ares or on your most scarred/hyperpigmented areas?

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the tightness does make things look smaller with the tightness, are there any negative side effects of this? it sounds kind of like a magic bullet to me,

any input?

sorry im just chalk full of questions haha

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