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Is Kombucha..

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..safe on a candida diet. Even broader, would be a good thing to add in an acne fighting diet?, or a bad thing?. Everything seems good with it, except I read its made using yeast. Any input would be great, thanks.

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According to www.naturalcures.com, Kombucha is approved for anti-candida diet. They highly recommend anything that is naturally fermented like Kombucha, kim chi and miso as it aids in digestion. The history behind Kombucha is pretty interesting. Some even claim it may aid in curing cancer for certain people.

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As far as I know, I bought 2 full boxes of RAW kombucha from PCC x 12 count in each box, and it made my acne worse or same.

I think Kombucha is too acidic, and some acne sufferers have too much acidity in their bodies.

But I did manage to grow my own Kombucha mushroom, if anyone wants to know how to do it, I will tell you, it takes at least one months.

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I've heard that kombucha is yeast-promoting. I personally can't tolerate it.. it gives me all kinds of weird digestive and skin symptoms. It seems to affect me like an "anti-probiotic" ... meaning it worsens the health issues with which pure probiotics seem to help.

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I read this article recently from the healing naturally by bee site which everyone seems to follow:

Candida sufferers cannot tolerate Kombucha tea, not only because of the alcohol content, but also because they can have negative reactions to all types and forms of fungi, yeast and molds. Also, Kombucha tea contains sugar. If Kombucha tea were fermented long enough to remove all of the sugar, the tea would be too acidic (sour) to drink.
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