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Dairy acne reactions and protein powder types(isolates, casein, concentrate) questions

So I have some kind of reaction to dairy but I am confused on pinpointing what it exactly is. Things like cheese, eggs, whey protein I start to break out within 24 hours. But whole milk I dont seem to have any reaction to. In fact I have been on a GOMAD(Gallon of milk a day) diet for the past few months to gain weight and i have been fine. When I introduce other types of dairy then i start to have problems. Besides this i dont eat any dairy. I work out a lot and I need to purchase a different type of protein powder than whey. I have hemp protein powder which I have no reaction to. I guess I am just confused on the different dairy types of processes. Like is casein protein derived from cheese as i understand? Any recommendations on what type of whey i can take? I know there is beef, soy, hemp proteins but i am looking something more available and cheaper than those sources. Also i do like whey since it is a much faster absorbing protein than hemp. Any info appreciated. I have seen some recommendations on here for whey isolates also...not sure if that would work for me. THanks!

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So the protein powder you have been taking is a concentrate and/or blend then? Definitely try an isolate.

There is some research about only skim and low-fat milk/dairy causing acne, and not whole milk. To me this seems somewhat intuitive, considering whole milk is the less adulterated, and at least a whole food (provided it isn't from hormone and antibiotic packed cows). Ideally, dairy should come from grass-fed cows... but this is not very feasible.

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interesting about the skim milk. I used to drink skim and 2% and had acne as well...but also had a lot of bad dietary habits at that time so it could have been from a lot of things. Was pretty suprised once i started GOMAD that i didn't have acne. I just dont understand why I have such a reaction to other dairy. I think I will try the isolate though.

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